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Culture Roll is a unique sport deeply rooted in tradition. Established in 2021 by Reggie "Premier" Brown and Darius "D-Breez" Stroud. Culture Roll prides itself on being the future of roller skating. Embedded in the African American community and globally respected, this sport is made up of different skate styles from all over the U.S. Each style has its own unique style, history, and creators.




The ATL Style is a Battle Mentality on the outside. Routines, Energy, Repetitive Moves, Attitude, Synchronization, etc. Key Moves would be the Cross Step. Over the Years different Crews have Labeled the Moves different Names to better fit their Crew. ATL Signature Move is ATL RYDIN. This move in a way is similar to the Columbus, Ohio Stride. But, with a different Style & Swag to it. Another ATL Signature Move is The Prep. It consists of Repetitive Studder-Step Move going forward & Crossing your Left Leg behind your Right Leg with a Clap to keep going. 



Skating is characterized by its smooth rolling motion that is heavily influenced by the Motown sound that was gaining traction around the same time that skating became a popular pastime. Detroit skaters don't ever really stop rolling and if they do, they use the rubber toe stops on their skates, a signature marker of a Detroit skater. The basic move that every Detroit skater has to learn, whether solo or in groups, is the half-turn, which involves turning a smooth 180 degrees for a few beats then turning back in place to continue on the original skating path.



In Philadelphia and South-Jersey are the origins of "Fast Backwards". The skaters going backwards, getting the push from dynamic scissor strides. Linked arms with the skaters in the front and in the back allows very fast Skating along the sidewall. 



A STL creation with slow paced music, usually trap tempo. Elbow must be bent for upper balance. The elbow that needs to be up is the side that's opposite of the front leading leg (similar to the natural motion of a human running) people swing their arms In a rocking motion and it just sends beats and vibrations all over. 



This style is known for its Duos, Trains and Trios. Popular in the North-East with uptempo club anthems and bouncy moves. Three or more skaters string together. The skater at the right outer position takes the lead in a counterclockwise direction. This changes to the skater most left if the train is skating clockwise. The centrifugal forces in longer trains are enormous and require some power and skills for skaters at the end of the line. They also have freestyle movements. It is as a technically sound way of Skating in the Tri-State area. It is also known for moves like the Grapevine, hitch kick, turns edge work and spins. 



With over 50+ years of history, this skate style is one of Chicago's Smoothest creations. J.B. is a subculture all its own. Named after James Brown, the J.B. style is known for its intricate smooth footwork, complex routines, Splits/Stunts, and unique, distinctive music that compensates for the style. This style of Skating is just as electrifying as the Godfather of Soul himself. It's the only style that has music created specifically for the skate style. Moves like big wheel, crazy leg, Buckey Walk, godfather, side to side, gangsta walk, and the one-stop are signatures of this unique style. 


Slow Walkers bounce with their hips and take slow paced short strides. It may seem to be easy and cool but it takes a swag and skill of your own to make it look that way. The Slow Walk has many variations to it with history in Philly and Louisville. 



Snapping is popular in the regions of D.C. and Maryland . Although it is actually originally a solo skater style it is common that skaters get support from a partner for the moves. This enables spectacular strides of the active skater. Style core moves are Full, Half, T Bone, Snap Back Breakdown, Hurricane, Eagle Spread, Sky Walker jump, One Leg, and Double Pump. 



This style can be summed up in one word, Funky! It's all about feeling! The main move of the style is the Jack Leg. As you stride your move will come off the right leg. The jackleg. Which is when you dip hard to your right. There's other moves too, like the Slu foot and Wiggle. Ohio is funky!


Culture Roll Committee members

Reggie Brown

Darius Stroud

Jeri Marie Baskerville

Amirah Palmer

Clyde McCoy

Eugene White

USARS Sport Coordinator

Megan Schuller

402.483.7551 x1205



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