Competitive Skating Membership

FULL COMPETITIVE MEMBERSHIP:(Allowed to compete in ANY USA Roller Sports events*)

  •  Athletes must primarily register in a specific discipline. However, as an added membership benefit, athletes who carry a full competition card will now be allowed to compete across all disciplines competitively with a single full competition athlete card.
  • "Other" Category represents sports such as slalom, scooters and street luge, with membership less than 5 total members nationwide where full membership is needed to be created for sports in order to assist individuals that compete at World Roller Games, a responsibility tasked to USA Roller Sports through World Skate.


LIMITED COMPETITIVE MEMBERSHIP:(Allowed to compete in any USA Roller Sports events excluding qualifying events such as Regionals and Nationals)

  • Members will need to upgrade to a full membership if they enter and compete in any qualifying events.

SINGLE EVENT MEMBERSHIP:(Expires 5 days from the date of purchase)

Single Event Membership for Figure Skating and Speed Skating is available for a fee of $25.  This membership will be up gradable, if members wish to upgrade to a limited or full membership.


Star Skate is designed to help new skaters achieve the basic skills needed to enter any of the sports offered through USA Roller Sports.  Please click HERE to get more information on the Star Skate Developmental Program.

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