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Casey Lara

    Athlete Bio


    Team USA Years: 2019-Present

    Hometown: Lockeford, Ca

    Current residence: Lockeford, Ca

    Personal website/social media pages


    When did you begin skating/playing in Roller Sports:  2010

    Current skating club/ team/ coaches name:

    I Skate with and coach  the Lockeford Liberators Adult team. I also skate for Floodwaters Roller Derby & Team USA. Also coach Jr team Little Rascals

    Are you sponsored and if so, by whom:

    Anabolix Skate Company

    Occupation, current employer

    Special Ed Teacher Asst.


    High school attended:

    Lodi High

    Year of graduation:


    Location of high school:  Lodi, Ca

    Sports you competed in while in high school:

    Cross Country

    Other high school activities:

    College attended: University Of Phoenix

    Year of graduation: 2013

    Degree/major: Human Services

    Sports you competed in while in college: None

    Other college activities


    Olympic Experience:

    Pan American/World Games/International Experience: World Roller Games

    Team USA awards, honors and statistics: Gold Medal 🏅



    Life Goals: Travel America first, than the world! Make a positive impact in the world.

    Career goals: Continue in education, complete my Master's degree

    Future goals you hope to obtain in the Roller Sports world: Continue on Team USA, Train skaters to make Team USA & To one day become the coach of Team USA



    Favorite food before a competition: Pickles, emergency C, water!

    Favorite movie:

    Favorite place to shop: Thrift stores, Dickson sporting goods

    Favorite music to listen to during training or competition: Eminem

    Favorite possession: Skates & Kayack

    Favorite hobbies: skating, dancing & kyacking

    If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be:

    What makes you a unique and special person: My ability to overcome obstacles and putting a smile on others faces 😊

    Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why: My aunt-mom Aholibama Crispin, who never gave up on me and never let me, stop believing in myself!

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