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Emma Gloudeman

2017 World Championship Silver Medalist

Athlete Bio


Roseville, CA


Whitney High School

Began Skating: 2001, but I started competing in 2004 on my 4th birthday

High School: Whitney High School

High School Graduation: 2018

High School Location: Rocklin, CA

Other High School Activities: Symphonic band (every year)

International Experience: 

Americas Cup: 2013 -- 1st in Infantile figures

2014 -- 2nd in Cadet figures and 3rd in Junior World Class figures

2015 -- 3rd in Cadet figures and 3rd in Senior World Class figures

2016  World Championships in Novara, Italy, 8th place


2011 -- 1st in Juvenile Loops, 1st in Juvenile loops/figures combined

2013 -- 1st in Elementary figures, 1st in Elementary loops, 1st in Elementary figures/loops combined

2014 -- 1st in Freshman figures, 2nd in Freshman loops, 2nd in Freshman figures/loops combined

2015 -- 1st in Freshman loops, 2nd in Freshman figures, 2nd in Freshman figures/loops combined

2016 -- 2nd in Junior World Class figures

2017 1st in Junior World Class figures, 3rd in World Class figures

RSA Achievement Test gold medal in figures and loops, stepdad

Career Goals: Biomedical Engineering

Skating Goals: Top 10 at world championships

Favorite Sports Figure: Aly Raisman

Favorite Food Before Competition: Muffins

Favorite Movie: Tangled, Back to the Future, and Mean Girls

Favorite Place To Shop: Sephora

Favorite Competition Music: Twenty One Pilots

Favorite Posession: my skates

Hobbies: binge-watching shows on Netflix

One Word To Describe You: hard-working

What Makes You Unique: I go to practice 5-7 days a week for 2-4 hours each day, maintain A's in all of my classes, and still have a social life

Who Do You Admire Greatest Influence: My mom; she's also my coach, so she fills the two biggest roles in my life

Father: Bill Storm

Mother: Danielle Storm

Brothers: Matthew, Christopher, and Alex Gloudeman

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