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Patty Leazier

    Athlete Bio


    Greencastle, PA


    South Hagerstown Maryland National University Shepherd University

    • Skated with Charm City Roller Girls during the 2014-2015 season when we qualified and placed 4th at Salt Lake City Regional Championships.
    • Skated with Team Maryland during the 2014 & 2015 BOTAS and we placed 3rd both years.
    • National Speed Skating Champion. I have won multiple inline and quad speed skating titles at both indoor and outdoor national championships.
    • National Record Holder: I hold inline and quad speed skating records for both indoor and outdoor national championships.

    Derby Name: Poison Princess 

    Began Skating: When I was 18 months old.

    Sponsor: Bont Skating Company 

    Occupation: High School Science Teacher

    Employer: Washington County Public Schools

    High School: South Hagerstown High School

    High School Graduation: 1984

    High School Location: Hagerstown Maryland

    High School Sports: Basketball and Softball

    College: Graduate School: National University  Undergrad School:  Shepherd University

    College Graduation: Graduate:  2015  Undergrad:  1996

    Major: Graduate:  Forensic Science  Undergrad:  Secondary Education

    College Sports: Basketball

    International Experience: None

    Other Sports: Inline Speed Skating & Quad Speed Skating

    Life Goals: To be the best person I can be under any circumstance and be a positive role model for all my children, students, and athletes. 

    Career Goals: Provide the best education possible for my students. 

    Skating Goals: Help Team USA win GOLD at the 2017 Roller Derby World Championships.

    Favorite Sports Figure: Christian Laettner (Duke Basketball Player)  He was the toughest competitor ever!

    Favorite Food Before Competition: Denise Larson's protein shake.

    Favorite Movie: About Last Night (Rob Lowe & Demi Moore)

    Favorite Place To Shop: Any shoe store.

    Favorite Competition Music: 70's & 80's Rock, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney

    Favorite Posession: My dogs...Sparkles, Buddy, and Nicko.

    Hobbies: Going to concerts.  

    One Word To Describe You: Tenacious

    What Makes You Unique: As a teacher and coach, I have the ability to encourage underprivileged students and athletes believe in themselves so they can achieve great things in life.  I tell them they are in charge of their own destiny and to write their own life story.  

    Who Do You Admire Greatest Influence: Joanne Knode, my aunt.  She is the most unselfish person in the world.  She always puts everyone else's needs before her own and never complains about it.  She is the best person I know.    

    Father: Duane Enderle Sr.

    Mother: Kay Enderle

    Brothers: Duane Enderle Jr.

    Sisters: Sheri Enderle

    Spouse: David Leazier

    Children: Dylan Leazier 24, Yannick Zanfack 24, Piper Leazier 9

    Family Members In Sports: My daughter Piper Leazier is current competes in inline & quad speed skating and JR roller derby.

    My son Dylan Leazier played college basketball for Penn State Altoona and was an inline speed skater for many years.

    My son Yannick Zanfack played college basketball for Garrett Community College.

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