May 12, 2012 - May 12, 2012 |

    DRDC Welcomes LLRD To The Jungle, Baby!


                The Dark River Derby Coalition hosted Lincoln Land Roller Derby (Springfield, IL) for their season opener, “Welcome to the Jungle”, on May 12, 2012 at Scottie’s Fun Spot (8000 Broadway Quincy, IL 62305). The bout began at 7:00pm, and from the gate it was a scrappy, blow-to-blow match between the two Illinois teams. LLRD, a first year team, showed great exuberance and strength as they battled the DRDC, a second year team. At the half the score was 84-80, with the DRDC in the lead…close as a  razor’s edge. The second half brought a surge of energy for the DRDC, and despite the fact that the LLRD played like true warriors and never gave up, the DRDC pulled ahead with a final score of 230-130.

    Congratulations to the DRDC for the win and to LLRD for a great bout!
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