Summer Slamdown Results

Jul 13, 2013 - Jul 13, 2013 |

Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby's Hellbilly Heartbreakers took on The Hellions of Troy Roller Derby's Herculadies in a hard hitting bout Saturday night. The Hellbillies came out fighting and put up a quick 60-9 lead by jam #5. The Hellbillies continued to fight hard through the entire first half, putting up more points in the first half than the Herculadies were able to put up all night. The Herculadies didn't give up though and actually put up more points in the second half than in the first. Throughout the bout the Hellbillies were able to grab lead jam a large majority of the night pulling it off 30 times compared to Troy's 10 lead jams. This allowed the Hellbillies to play smart derby and call off the jam without letting the Herculadies put up many points.

Unfortunately the Hellbillies did get into some penalty trouble a couple times and gave up some power jams letting the Herculadies put up some larger numbers. Unfortunately for Troy when they allowed power jams the Hellbillies were able to put up even larger numbers including a 32 and a 30 point power jam by Dali D. Those big power jams allowed Dali D. to put up a new league record for highest points in a single bout with 107. 1/2 Pint Destroy Her chipped in 63 pts. and Trix See followed closely with 53 pts. Other jammers who added in some points included The Mad Flasher with 28, Aeon Fox with 19, and Susan B. Amputee & Linda McMayhem both with 14 points. Overall it was a great bout for the fans with some excellent sportsmanship on both sides. The Hellbillies look forward to playing the Herculadies again in the future.