USA Roller Sports Speed Skating News


Thank you, USA Roller Sports Speed Coaches! Those of you that worked on, and gave feedback on the recent proposals are a big part of recent progress made. The Board of Directors recently ratified the following proposals for immediate implementation. Be on the lookout for the Official Notice and Rule Updates coming in December, 2018. 


  • Add Esquire Two Person relays to Quad Speed
  • Add Three-Person relays to Quad Speed
  • Separate the Three-Person relays more in the older events
  • Create a Junior Coaching Program
  • Starting line positions to be marked to avoid crowding on the starting line
  • Change the lanes in the relay box to 32 inches wide
  • Move the location of the relay box to be in line with pylon 3
  • Cut angles in the cones
  • For a Speed B Commission - remove the requirement that the applicant have endorsement of the league or Regional USARS President or Chairperson
  • Remove the adherence of the international rule that if a skater is disqualified for a sport fault, he or she is automatically suspended for the following race


**Please note: All distances, measurements, and other specific technical information will be included in the Official Notice and USA Roller Sports Speed Rule updates coming in December of 2018. 


Ricci Porter-Kmetz

Speed Advisor

USA Roller Sports